What we do

In simple terms: we help asset holders and project funders secure investment on the terms that are right for them.

Our success, and the success of our clients, is built on our people and the relationships we have built over the course of a decade. Only through them can we guarantee the best possible outcome for our clients, with funding partners they can trust

With a focus on the infrastructure, energy, digital & utilities sectors, we partner with investors and corporations worldwide, providing expertise in sustainable financing for the 21st century.

Rubicon has closed transactions covering the sale, acquisition or refinancing of over 100 essential infrastructure, energy, digital & utilities assets located across the globe,  with a combined enterprise value in excess of USD $85 billion.

We have enjoyed strong growth since its foundation, and now have offices in Dublin, New York, Madrid, Mexico City, Bogotá, Santiago de Chile, and Seoul.

Diversity & Inclusion

Diversity is intrinsic to our business. It is not something we do: it is something we are. Only by embracing talent from every background and every nation are we able to provide the local, specialist insight that drives great business for our clients. Rubicon is committed to attracting and supporting diversity among our employees, reflecting the qualities and diversity of the global workplace in which we operate. We promote an inclusive environment that welcomes, respects and values such diversity. As part of our commitment, Rubicon is working towards a number of diversity initiatives through its regional offices.

Sustainability: at the heart of our business

Sustainability plays a central role in many of the global projects Rubicon supports, from wind farms to EV fleets, via solar power generation and wastewater recycling. But sustainability also begins at home. We strive to mitigate our carbon footprint in everything we do:


We recycle all paper, cans and bottles in all our regional offices

Energy efficiency

We use energy-saving lighting and motion-detecting light sensors wherever possible


We participate as an organization in all efforts to keep our community a clean environment


We strive to work only in Energy Star/LEED-certified buildings


We have committed to reducing business travel by 80%, and favour public transport commuting wherever possible


We’re digital first, and when we must use paper we print double-sided and recycle - of course.