From small scale to utility scale projects, Rubicon's team has successfully closed some of the industry's most notable energy transactions.

Our reputation for managing complex scenarios while exceeding clients’ expectations has allowed us to grow our relationships and expand our network of active developers and investors across the conventional energy generation and supply business.

Rubicon provides strategic investment banking advisory services to public and private clients across the energy chain. We assist our clients in managing the growing complexity around the procurement of gas, electricity and carbon in the wholesale energy markets. Drawing upon our extensive sector relationships and deep strategic and operational expertise, Rubicon is able to offer a unique and valued advisory platform for the upstream, upstream A&D, midstream and utility sectors.

With transactions ranging from tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars, Rubicon has developed a significant global energy practice.

The energy sector has undergone more rapid change in the last ten years than in the previous fifty. From industry deregulation to incentives for fast responsive power plants, many opportunities have arisen for clients to diversify their energy generation portfolios.

We understand there are a number of key market dynamics that increase the relative investment attractiveness of an asset and work with our clients to invest in, acquire or sell projects at different stages of the development cycle. Rubicon has worked on a number of diverse transactions with energy clients. We're dedicated to understanding the asset, market and portfolio dynamics, support mechanisms, and regulatory, retail and electricity demand changes that affect our clients' energy investments.