Social Infrastructure

Rubicon helps clients optimize the financing of social infrastructure projects as they develop sustainable communities for the 21st century.

Public entities around the world need more than $8 trillion to fund social infrastructure projects through 2020. This figure exceeds the capital requirements of the oil and gas and mining industries combined. With government finances more strained than ever, expectations for public-private partnerships (PPPs) are soaring. While private sector interest in funding public infrastructure projects has increased in recent years, barriers to private sector participation remain, and strategic advice is needed. Rubicon's years of work in the social infrastructure sector demonstrates our commitment to advising clients who are revolutionizing the way we build the communities of the future.

Rubicon works on a number of projects in the education, healthcare, justice, administrative and accommodation sectors.

Client collaboration is what ensures a successful transaction, but more importantly, a successful relationship.

We collaborate with our clients to understand the asset and the public objectives of the project and we are uniquely positioned to serve the public entities and private partners responsible for planning, maintaining, and developing physical infrastructure for social purposes. Rubicon views investments with our clients in the social infrastructure sector as a longer term relationship which we remain dedicated to even after the transaction closes.