From financing of rail infrastructure to airports and highways, the transport sector is a strong focus for Rubicon. We have advised in transactions across Europe, North America and Latin America with some of the largest players in the market.

Rubicon covers all sectors including road, rail, airports, as well as ancillary areas such as car parking and service stations. Transportation spend typically makes up 10% of GDP spend in the US and Europe, with transport infrastructure across the globe being a key part of any country's vital infrastructure and the arteries that allow GDP flow. Our team is committed to working with our diverse clients across a broad range of transportation assets.

Good working relationships are integral to our success in the transport sector. We strive to ensure successful results through tailored selection of team members whose expertise syncs with our clients' transaction objectives.

Our team has acted in over 100 transactions globally in both downward and upward performing market cycles.

In the next 30 years, we are likely to see more change in transportation technology than we've seen in the last 100 years. Building on this trend and seeking to promote growth, we work with governments, the private sector, industrial clients and funds focused on the long-term development of transport assets in a low interest rate environment. Success in this complex asset class requires a deep understanding of the mechanics in road, rail, air and sea ports and is something Rubicon specializes in.

We continue to see robust M&A activity in the global transport market as sub-sectors consolidate. We are skilled to guide organisations acting on the buy or sell side in the evaluation and execution of transactions globally for equity, sub debt and senior debt.