Rubicon has been an active advisor in the utilities sector since its inception in 2011, collaborating with global clients as they transform the way utilities are generated and delivered in the 21st century.

The utilities industry is in the middle of an unprecedented evolution. The transmission and distribution (T&D) grid, in particular, is experiencing notable changes because of the proliferation of distributed energy resources (DERs), the implementation of the smart grid concept and the realization of the electric power system as a key component of greater constructs. Rubicon's expertise taps into the interrelationships among electric power grids and other critical infrastructures such as oil, gas, water and telecommunications systems, as well as the emergence of "smarter" technologies.

We see regulatory mandates and economic incentives prompting investments in critical T&D infrastructures as well as the adoption of advanced and emergent technologies to address challenges and societal concerns pertaining to these aspects. Challenges include grid resiliency improvement and integration of renewable generation; societal concerns encompass improving the livability, workability and sustainability of communities. Rubicon advises its clients on how to better understand the evolution of the utility business model and the "grid of the future", providing solutions to address key challenges and assisting our clients take advantage of associated opportunities.

Rubicon's team is dedicated to working with clients on investing in utilities of the future, providing communities with safe and reliable access to vital resources.

Team members are global industry leaders that span the utilities sector and are well known in the market for successfully executing transactions that involve complex financial structuring and modelling skills.

We believe that no client or transaction is the same, and invest in our relationship by tailoring resources, solutions and team members with the goal of empowering our clients in the utilities sector to succeed. Rubicon has a wide-ranging ability to source and structure transactions in the utilities sector, as well as significant experience coordinating, managing and executing both sell-side and buy-side procurement processes.